Wireless / Wi-Fi


Whatever may be the size of your business effective communication is vital to efficient productivity and operational excellence. Being connected and staying connected with team members and information systems is incredibly important. Jeeyar provides a powerful platform that connects mission-critical systems with mobile staff members, delivering advanced two-way messaging to a variety of mobile devices. It enables quicker response to information, which ultimately saves time and resources, not to mention improving the experience for your customers and productivity of you employees.

With a services team of dedicated and experienced network planners, technical sales, support staff and project implementation experts, Jeeyar has an established track record in providing end-to-end, fully integrated and optimised solutions for the networks of the future using the best-of-breed solutions and technologies available.

With the needs of service providers, enterprises, corporates, utilities and government in mind where cost effectiveness and resilient solutions form an integral part, Jeeyar continuously evaluates a selection of the best-of-breed products from established vendors worldwide. Products and technologies selected are integrated into end-to-end solutions to help our customers improve price performance of their existing or planned networks, thus offering value creation or cost savings in our customer’s businesses.