Project Management

Business growth depends on timely execution of projects on budget.

Jeeyar has a dedicated, skilled project management team with in depth experience in managing large,complex projects.Our project management specialists ensure that customer's requirements and expectations are clearly understood and project milestones are delivered within the specified timescales.


Jeeyar has expertise to provide implementation services for a huge variety of IT Security,Converged Networking, Unified Communications Wireless, Mobility and Infrastructure solutions. In understanding the design requirements within infrastructure standards we document the scoope of work and based on the agreed dates the implementation will be carried out with acceptance test results and implementation reports presented to our channel partners, 24x7,365 days a year.

Equipment Staging

Jeeyar Equipment Staging services can significantly reduce installation delays, on -site failures,improper component connections and DOA of equipment.During staging our professionals assemble,load,configure and test your equipment to validate as per the staging plan and identify abnormalities against the defined staging plan ensuring infrastructure components perform as expected on site.

Wireless site survey and Designing

The comprehensive site survey starts from gathering the required data through site visit, inspection and analysis of site plans, consultation with key IT staff and solution design. We present comprehensive, professional reports with suitable BOQs to incorporate complete synopsis, scenario study and heat map analysis. Jeeyar site readiness inspections include tower or pole inspection, wind bearing, electrical and grounding requirements.

Knowledge base Assistance

Jeeyar maintains a huge knowledge base through the global support portal to update channel partners with the latest technology and product information of various vendors theirs solutions. This allows archived access to data of various vendors consisting of trouble shooting procedures, FAQs, design, installation and configuration guides.

JumpStart Services

The JumpStart services are designed to support quick,short term on-site engagement.During this time, an experienced Jeeyar consultant helps get providing advanced, project-specific hands-on assistance as required

ExpertHelp Remote

ExpertHelp Remote Technical Services maintains a high-touch remote support and maintenance model enabled by a team of experienced and certified network consultants.The team is available to answer questions, offer technology solutions,troubleshoot problems and ultimately escalate issues to vendors if required.Our network consultants provide timely support to our channels enabling them to maintain high performance service levels to their clients

Design and quote assistance

The Major Strength of Jeeyar is pre-sales consultancy. This may involve services such as standard pre-sales, solution design, preparation of BOQs, tender support and onsite visits with channel partners, all supported and delivered through our team of experienced and certified professionals.

Data centre Design

We have developed and utilize industry acknowledged algorithms to analysis room and building requirements from IT requirements and equipment counts. An application independent floor layout is developed and then supplied with appropriate power, air conditioning and interconnectivity grid. The design process includes site analysis, computer room analysis, power supply analysis, building layout, HVAC analysis, work space optimization, cabling design, security access control, reliability, resilience and business continuity modules.

Front line post sales

Our FrontLine team provides technical support to our channel partners by providing information, identifying and resolving problems, and/or escalating unresolved issues. We educate customers on how to correctly and efficiently operate their systems and interfaces in a friendly, professional manner, often supported via our support portal.