Access Control


Whether you want to install a new IT setup at your office or you are looking for some aces to revamp your network equipment with some state-of-the-art hardware. Jeeyar has the right amount of experience and qualified team of IT engineers to get the job done.

All businesses, whether small, medium or large, have assets that need to be protected from theft. There is also the issue of protecting staff and their property. It is common in buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors to be left unlocked all day. This opens up the possibility of opportunistic theft and malicious damage

Electronic access control solutions from Jeeyar provide the most efficient and convenient way of securing your office and assets. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled doors, and are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves your company.

Face recognition systems from Jeeyar can improve the security of your premises by customizing the product according to your system. Based on ‘no human touch technology’, Jeeyar’s applications uses advanced facial recognition and tracking technology to derive face representation for Access control System and Visitor Management System.